GPS Buddy

GPS Buddy 1.0.9

GPS application suited to many uses

GPS Buddy records data like latitude, longitude, UTC, date, and other data from a GPS device with serial interface according NIMEA-0183 Standard (Version 2.01) protocol and provides a note for additional text input.

Pick-lists with pre-defined text allow speedy input of frequently used text blocks. After HotSync the data can be processed further on the PC.

Examples for applications:


Your are a scientist who collects site-specific data about the location of certain wild growing plant varieties or the site specific growth data of cultivated plants. You record the position and other information like soil conditions, climate, variety and others. At the end of your trip you synchronize the data with your computer and further process the file to include the data in your research database.

Travel, sailing

Keeping of a simple logbook of the traveled route and timetable by recording waypoints and attaching notes to them. You are on a trip through the Sahara on your motorcyle. When changing direction, filling up the tank, resting and at other occasions you get the position and add some information. At the end of your trip you have perfect log for example about fuel consumption as a function of the terrain.


Collection of position specific customer- or process-data.


Collection of positions for the creation of maps. Verification of maps by recording a position and noting the characteristics.


Imagine you are a farmer and have some argument with your neighbor about the borderline of your fields. Just get the position data of the location in question, add a short note about the argument and verify your argument at home with a map.

A multi-purpose GPS utility for your Pocket PC.

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GPS Buddy


GPS Buddy 1.0.9